TAVACO Properties

About the CEO & Founder

During the past 35 years, Tavaco Properties has established itself as a premier commercial property investment company. The firm has acquired, repositioned and sold in excess of $1 Billion of commercial assets, mostly with its own equity capital stack.

TAVACO's Focus

CEO and Founder,  Andrew  Tavakoli and his executive team, have unique skills in handling all   types   of   workout    solutions    including defaults, foreclosures, bankruptcies and non-performing  note  acquisitions. Their  property sources   include  personal  and  professional relationships  with  bank  asset managers and elite commercial brokers across the nation.

Tavaco focuses on acquiring anchored community and neighborhood shopping centers across many markets throughout the United States.

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TAVACO's Recent Track Record

 Sample of recent transactions  of the firm speaks for itself.  The company's IRR has far exceeded market levels regardless of the  state of the market. Tavaco welcomes inquiries for Joint Venture relationships and for attractive deal flow.